Attacks & Data Breaches


Everything You Need to Know About Ransomworm

Ransomworm came into the mainstream when WannaCry’s global hack compromised hundreds of thousands of computers. Victims ranging from individuals to hospitals to major corporations found themselves locked out of their files and sensitive data.

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Petya Wannacry Malware

Petya Ransomware Attack: Deadlier Than WannaCry?

Dubbed NotPetya because it masquerades as the Petya ransomware, it has already hit more than 2000 computers in a dozen countries.

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3 Ways to Identify and Protect Yourself from Bots

Bot attacks difficult to trace and monitor as they use computing power and resources from trusted networks. Read how they can disrupt your business.

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WannaCry Ransomware Attack: How to Protect Your Business

WannaCry ransomware attack has crippled both public and private sector. Here’s how you can protect critical files before hackers encrypt them.

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12 of the Most Notorious Hacks in History

What were the most notorious hacks in history? They’re subject to debate, but we bring you 12 of them, which would be strong candidates for the title.

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Apache Struts Under Attack- Indusface Securing Customers from Day Zero

A remote code execution flaw was discovered in the widely-used Apache Struts 2 framework. Attackers continue to exploit vulnerable (unpatched) systems.

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Yahoo Data Breach: Can It Affect Your Business?

In this recent massive breach, hackers managed to steal email ids, passwords, birthdates and telephone numbers of half a billion users

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SQL Injection in Panama Paper Leak

How did the biggest document leak happen? Before that, here’s what the whole ruckus is about. Simplified. Little Frank gets 4 coins every week.

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What Are Data Breach Consequential Damages

Data breach affects more than just data. The consequential damages will hit you for the years to come with effects on even the stock value.

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