How is Indusface WAS Different?


Comprehensive Coverage

The proprietary scanner built ground up, keeping js framework driven, single page applications in mind to provide complete & intelligent crawling.


Deep & Intelligent Web Application Scanning

With latest threat intelligence, get extensive web app scanning for vulnerabilities, and malware. Support on a functional understanding of logical flaws for an in-depth security audit.


Unlimited Scanning to ensure complete coverage of OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities

Efficiently detect most common application vulnerabilities validated by OWASP and WASC. Get immediate detection of new vulnerabilities as a result of application changes & updates.


Zero False Positive Assurance

Backed by 24*7 support, get experts provide proof of concept for vulnerabilities to ensure zero false positives and remediation guidance to ensure quick fix.


Business Logic vulnerability checks

Extensive auditing for application specific business logical vulnerabilities. Support on functional understanding of logical flaws for in-depth security audit.

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Malware Monitoring & Blacklisting Detection

Ongoing monitoring of malware attack vectors and identification of newly discovered malware that have been effectively used and deployed by hackers.

Indusface Web Application Scanner Ensures blacklisting tracking on popular search engines and other platforms. External URL blacklisting check helps you to protect your customers from visiting “hacked” or “infected” applications which can potentially transfer malware into your applications.




$199/app/month billed annually

Managed Risk Detection


Includes Advance Features Plus

Managed Pen-Testing

Unlimited Proof of Concepts

Schedule Scans

Daily Scans

Managed 24*7 Support



$49/app/month billed annually
$59/app/month billed monthly

Comprehensive Risk Detection


Includes Basic Features Plus

Unlimited Automated App Scans

Complete Vulnerability Details & Remediation

5 Proof Of Concept

Defacement Alerts

Malware Scans

Blacklisting Checks

Infrastructure Vulnerability Scans

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Free Forever

Risk Detection


Biweekly Automated Application Scans

OWASP Top 10 Threat Detection

Sans 25 Vulnerability Detection

Scan Behind Authentication Page

5 Vulnerabilities Detail & Remediation

AA Scan Seal

Features WAS Premium WAS Advance WAS Basic
Managed Web Application Security Scanning Unlimited Unlimited Bi weekly
No. of Pages Scanned Unlimited Unlimited 250
No. of Application Credentials 2 1 1
Top 25 Vulnerabilities Detection Indusface tick icon Indusface tick icon Indusface tick icon
Manual verification of Vulnerabilities by experts Unlimited Limited to 5 requests
Malware Monitoring Indusface tick icon Indusface tick icon
Blacklisting Detection Indusface tick icon Indusface tick icon
Vulnerability assessment of Infrastrucure Indusface tick icon Indusface tick icon
Defacement Protection Indusface tick icon Indusface tick icon
PCI DSS and CERT compliant Manual Penetration Testing by expert Indusface tick icon
Remediation Guidance to fix vulnerabilities Unlimited Unlimited 5
Vulnerability Revalidation checks Indusface tick icon Indusface tick icon Indusface tick icon
Informative Dashboard Indusface tick icon Indusface tick icon Indusface tick icon
Indusface Trust Seal Indusface tick icon Indusface tick icon
Managed by Security Experts Indusface tick icon Limited
Technical & Customer Support (email & phone) Indusface tick icon Indusface tick icon only E-mail Support
ISO 27001 Certified Support Centre Indusface tick icon Indusface tick icon Indusface tick icon


Trusted by 2000+ Global Customers

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We use Indusface Web Application Scanning (WAS) for vulnerability assessment that provides us insights into our application security risk. One of the key reasons of our partnership with Indusface is their ability to continuously keep innovating around detection,

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CISO, Axis Bank


We are a happy customer using AppTrana that takes complete care of tuning, analyzing and updating security policies to keep web-based applications secure. Now with CDN we also expect to get performance without compromising security. We are excited and looking forward

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Mannan Godil, CISO, Edelweiss


Our complete ecommerce infrastructure is hosted on the cloud and we are glad to have Indusface as partner for web security. Due to their association with cloud service providers and prompt deployment options, Indusface was the preferred security choice. The on-demand

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Anil Shankar, VP, Solutions & Technology, Shoppers Stop


The Risk Based Fully Managed Application Security technology offering from Indusface provided us the best value for money. We signed up with Indusface as not just a technology supplier, but as a application security partner for enabling us to drive more digitization initiatives.

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Kiran Belsekar, VP, Information Security , ‎Aegon Life


Frequently asked questions, answered.

WAS is a complete scanning tool. It offers vulnerability assessment, application audit and malware monitoring. It is a zero touch, non-intrusive cloud-based solution that provides daily monitoring for web applications, checking for systems and application vulnerabilities, and malware. One of the key aspects of WAS is its ability to detect malware and defacements of websites.

No changes are required on the website either. The monitoring is done remotely and we can detect both known as well as unknown malware in website. We have been researching and innovating for a couple of years in this area and are the best in class for such technology. We have dedicated our research, engineering and development teams to track latest malwares, threats and their behavior. It allows us to constantly refine and improve our technology and solutions to serve our customers better.

It is activated online over the web itself and the customer receives a notification via email with details of the activation. There is no need to download the software into your computer.

The Web Application Scanning tool is architected on globally accepted best practices such as OWASP, OSSTMM, SANS and NIST using a combination of tools and manual techniques through certified analysts. It is hosted and delivered from SAS 70 Type 2 certified secure data center.

The presence of an Indusface seal certifies that the particular website is scanned and certified on a daily basis to pass the Web Application Security Scan. The “live” Indusface ‘Tested’ Seal appears on the website with that day’s corresponding date only when the website passes the daily Web Application Scanning. This assists the website owners to gain the trust of their customers who feel safe when accessing such websites. Criteria of a ‘PASS’ scan means that the web application is free of any vulnerabilities. A criterion of a ‘FAIL’ Scan status means that vulnerabilities are present, and some of them have a severity of 4 which is HIGH or which is CRITICAL. If any kinds of vulnerabilities or malwares are found on the website, the secure site seal will be there on the website for next 72 hrs but the date will not be updated till the risk or threat is over. If the website owner does not take any action or however, if the errors are not fixed even after 72 hrs, the secure site seal will disappear though the scanning will still continue. Once the error is fixed and there are no vulnerabilities or malwares found on the website, the secure site seal will reappear on its own with the updated date and the mention of ‘ TESTED’ again beside it.

Here is a list of 10 most dangerous website security mistakes that you must avoid.

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