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SSL Certificate

Secure Sockets Layer Certificate is the most trusted way to secure customer transactions with communication encryption. The certificate is installed on a web server especially on pages that require website users to enter sensitive information like password or credit card details. It is critical to ensure security and build customer trust. Indusface has partnered with Entrust as the authorized distributor of SSL in India. We provide Organization Validated certificates with cutting-edge 2048-bit public key and hybrid 256-bit pre-shared encryption technology. Our SSL certificated are backed by comprehensive Certificate Management Solution (CMS) to track and control certificates for your websites.

Standard SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates

The Standard SSL Certificates offers basic SSL/TLS security supported by 99% of the browsers. It helps you secure, authenticate, identify, and encrypt a domain with additional features like unlimited server licensing and unlimited reissues.

SSL Advantage

Advantage SSL Certificates

With flexible deployment and set-up features, these certificates offer SSL/TLS security that includes 1 additional domain. These organization-validated certificates are supported by 99% of the browsers.

EV SSL Certificates

EV Multi Domain SSL Certificates

EV Multi-Domain SSL Certificates provide the highest level of SSL/TLS security that comes with 1 additional domain and allows adding up to 250 SANS (Subject Alt Names).

UCC SSL Certificates

UCC Multi Domain SSL Certificates

UC Multi-Domain SSL certificates help you secure multiple domains hosted on a single load balancer, web server, Lync, or Exchange servers. Three additional SANs are included with the certificate but you can also add up to 250.

Wildcard SSl Certificates

Wildcard SSL Certificates

When domain names change frequently, Wildcard Certificates offer high level SSL/TLS security for multiple first level sub domains. This certificate includes 10 additional sub domain SANS and you can add up to unlimited Wildcard SANS too.


Description Standard Advantage UC Multi-Domain EV Multi-Domain Wild Card
Certificate supports both and by default NA
Supports Multiple Wildcard SANS NA NA NA NA
Additional SANS Included NA 1 3 (up to 250 additional SANS) 1 (up to 250 additional SANS) 10 unique SANS for applications, which do not support *. Ext , plus unlimited SANS with *. Ext
Management Console with free re-issues and unlimited server licensing
Browser Display Example
Assurance Level Organization Validated (high) Organization Validated Organization Validated (high) Extended Validated (highest) Organization Validated (high)
Site Seal with Real Time Status Check
2048 bit / 3072 bit / 4096 Bit Key Support
Elliptic Curve Cryptography Support
Desktop and Mobile Device Compatibility 99.9%+ 99.9%+ 99.9%+ 99.9%+ 99.9%+
Free Website Security Package Basic Bundle Basic Bundle Basic Bundle Basic Bundle Basic Bundle
SSL Encryption Strength: 128 bit-256 bits
Automatic Notification
Quick Issuance
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SSL Certificates



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Customer Testimonials

“IndusGuard is a comprehensive solution for web application scanning as it comes fully loaded with intelligent automated scanning engineering that is a highly scalable global platform on which companies can bank their application security upon, gaining 365 days of continuous protection. Its hybrid security methodology provides superior vulnerability detection along with high quality expert remediation, thus helping to effectively secure and safeguard our applications online …”

Jayantha Prabhu, CTO, Essar Group

“Indusface Web Application Firewall was deployed to secure our portal with a simple DNS change. This security solution is quick, efficient and easy to manage. It is critical for TCS, as a brand, to safeguard interests of our portal visitors, which Indusface WAF efficiently helps us achieve. Indusface’s prompt security support has also proved to be critical to our business. …”

Kinshuk De, Business Operations, Enterprise Security Risk Management,

“IndusGuard’s hybrid approach to web application penetration testing provides rich in-depth automated scanning technology with human intelligence which helps address the most challenging web security issues on a daily basis. This product has a unique centralized vulnerability management facility which gives us a single view of our security posture, thereby enabling us to effectively manage vulnerabilities using a single management dashboard …”


“Indusface has proved to be a valuable security partner with its Total Application Security solution. Their ‘detect-protect-monitor’ package handles security worries so we can focus on improving services for our customers. Vulnerability detection, attack blocking and near real-time reports are some of the key differentiators that we enjoy with them. The web application scanning and web protection combination …”

Sharad Sadadekar, Chief Information Security Officer, HDFC Life

“Our complete ecommerce infrastructure is hosted on the cloud and we are glad to have Indusface as partner for web security. Due to their association with cloud service providers and prompt deployment options, Indusface was the preferred security choice. The on-demand and scheduled scanning helps us keep track of vulnerabilities that may otherwise damage our website or put customers at risk …”

Anil Shankar, Vice President, Solutions & Technology, Shoppers Stop

“As one of the leading banks in India, securing application infrastructure is critical for us. Indusface’s Total Application Security package allows us to scan vulnerabilities continuously and prevent attacks. Indusface also provides the unique benefits of expert handling and tuning on custom rules with round-the-clock traffic monitoring and protection through on-premise appliances …”

Deval Mazmudar, Chief Information Security Officer, IndusInd Bank

“We are a happy customer using AppTrana that takes complete care of tuning, analyzing and updating security policies to keep web-based applications secure. Now with CDN we also expect to get performance without compromising security. We are excited and looking forward to using it to provide better experience to our users without compromising security.”

Mannan Godil, CISO, Edelweiss