Investor lessons from Cricket

Cricket is not just a sport. It paves the way for both passion and learnings. To the keen observer and player, there are numerous lessons that the Gentlemen’s Sport can provide in the arena of business and investment. A bad decision by the umpire can be as damaging to the overall game as a wrong choice of business investment. Having said that, once a player is determined to play, there are certain strategic lessons and practices that they need to follow for a consistent, successful innings. Here are some of the lessons for investors/startups.

Investor lessons from cricket

Protection is important – Each new day brings about a plethora of new challenges. The pitch might be different just like the operational environment has become quite dynamic. No modern batsman takes to the field without adequate protective gear. Good gear may not prevent them from getting hit, but can definitely soften the blow and ensure continuity of performance without any serious damage. When you jump into the world of startups or business investments, you must safeguard yourself by taking health cover, life insurance, and putting in place a contingency fund for rainy days like a pandemic when no play is possible. Such protection ensures that you and your team (family and employees) remain secure irrespective of the playing conditions.

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