IndusGuard WAF For AWS

Instant virtual patching backed with a Zero False Positive Promise

  • Zero WAF False Positive guarantees that WAF rules for known vulnerabilities will never block legitimate traffic
  • Enhanced protection against known vulnerabilities like OWASP Top 10, business logic flaws and others
  • Enhanced DDoS mitigation using custom rules for application DDoS attacks
  • Continuous customized tuning, configuration, response and management by security experts
  • Designed to work with IndusGuard Web scanner
  • Amazon Auto Scaling to increase the number of instances based on traffic variation

IndusGuard WAF is industry's first SaaS based managed web application firewall and DDoS protection solution. It provides virtual patching for applications by instantly blocking wide range of vulnerabilities without any code modification. Protecting your application with our WAF requires minimal intervention from application owners.

Our managed security experts will protect and monitor your application by leveraging their application security legacy. IndusGuard WAF provides a combination of expert tuning with application monitoring to guarantee zero WAF false positive (i.e. prevent attacks without obstructing any legitimate traffic), continuous application protection, and managed application DDoS mitigation.

Indusface's high-availability architecture also ensures business continuity under extreme disaster situations by reverting to a fail-open mode, while auto scaling support adjusts usage up and down as and when required. We also optimize resource utilization so you pay only for what you use.


IndusGuard WAF for AWS

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