How Not to Get BASHed!
by Venkatesh Sundar, CTO at Indusface


INDIA, 03 November 2014:





A major vulnerability in the Bourne Shell — called bash shell – recently came to the fore and sent all companies in a state of frenzy. This vulnerability had actually existed for a long time, but everyone was alarmed only after security experts recently warned that BASH contains a bug named “Shellshock” that could be used to take control of hundreds of millions of machines around the world.

“I inadvertently introduced Shellshock in a new BASH feature in 1992” Chet Ramey had said in an interview, though he could not be sure because back then he was not keeping comprehensive logs. BASH is actually a free piece of software that is now built into more than 70% types of machines that connect to internet. For e.g. servers, computers, routers, mobile phones, and even devices like cameras.

Some IT security providers offer exhaustive protection for “command injection” category of vulnerabilities, but those core rules already protected users against most of the Bash centric vulnerabilities. You should look for service providers who can help deal with different customer environments as that ensures the highest level of customized security for all types of enterprises. A comprehensive Application Firewall also helps in blocking such application layer attacks by combining human intelligence based expert tuning along with application profiling to prevent attacks without obstructing any legitimate traffic  

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