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Our GTM Is Channel Heavy At This Stage: Indusface

Today’s cyber-attacks are more sophisticated and focused. In most of the cases the losses, both financial and the brand’s reputation, after such an attack are hard to recover from.

INDIA, 10 December 2014:

There is a pressing need for an exhaustive range of application security solutions to not only provide total application security to a company’s business, but also aid them in the compliance requirements.
Today, Vadodara based Indusface, a website security services firm offers services and solutions to more than 700 customers, including Fortune 500 organisations, across sectors like banking, financial services and insurance, e-Commerce and government. During an interaction with ChannelTimes Ashish Tandon, Chariman& CEO, Indusface discusses the challenges faced by the organizations.


Excerpts from the interview

CT: Tell us about the inception of Indusface. What has been the focus area for the company in the security space?

Tandon: Indusface was set up in 2004 as a consultancy, helping and advising organisations on compliance requirements as the IT infrastructure was being laid in the country. Having gained a solid understanding of the security space, in 2010 Indusface built a website security product, IndusGuard Web. It is a zero-touch, non-intrusive, cloud-base solution which safeguards web applications by daily, automatic and comprehensive scanning for systems and application vulnerabilities, and malware. The company built on its offerings, one after the other. Currently, with a slew of offerings—IndusGuard Mobile, IndusGuard PCI and the latest IndusGuard WAF—Indusface provides organizations with a complete suite of comprehensive application security solutions.

CT: How do you see the adoption of IndusGuard WAF, a security-as-a-service Web Application Firewall (WAF) and fully managed application DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) solution?

Tandon: Security-as-a-service (SECaaS) will be the biggest value added “Service Innovation,” vendors will be forced to make in 2015. Indusface’s fully managed WAF, is industry’s first SECaaS WAF with integrated application DDoS protection capabilities. We combine our ability to detect vulnerabilities using our IndusGuard Web, our ability to defend using IndusGuard WAF and our industry leading monitoring services to offer “Total Application Security” for organizations. We follow a simple approach to our packaged solution for web applications and that is “Detect, Defend and Monitor”.

CT: What are your expansion plans for the next year and how do you foresee the security market panning out in coming years?

Tandon: Indusface offers services and solutions to more than 700 customers, including Fortune 500 organisations, across sectors like banking, financial services and insurance, e-Commerce and government.The company clocked revenue of about Rs. 22 crore last fiscal (March 2014). We aim to achieve Rs. 100 crore revenue in the next four years.

CT: With mobility and cloud, how security has become crucial for the organisations?

Tandon:The current cyber scenario is extremely dynamic. There has been an incremental increase in the number of new vulnerabilities in web and mobile applications, leading to frequent online attacks in the last few years. In 2013, 6,787 new vulnerabilities were discovered in 2013, and 127 of them were on mobile operating systems. The cyber-attacks now are more sophisticated and focussed, and the losses, both financial and the brand’s reputation after such an attack, in most of the cases, are very hard to recover from. It is a pressing need for an exhaustive range of application security solutions to not only provide total application security to a company’s business but also aid them in the compliance requirements.

CT: How big is Web Application Firewall (WAF) market and what are your expectations?

Tandon: The growing reliance on Web in their operation set up is driving companies – both large and SMBs, to deploy a WAF. Vertical segments such as BFSI, e-commerce are leading this adoption with retail, heath care, education, transportation and government expected to follow. The global WAF market is expected to be USD 1.2 Billion by 2017, as per Frost & Sullivan. IndusGuard WAF, the industry’s first SECaaS (security as a service) Web Application Firewall and Fully Managed Application DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) solution. IndusGuard WAF provides out-of-the-box, plug and play, real-time monitoring and protection for critical web applications in the cloud and on premise and is the industry’s first to guarantee zero WAF false positive.

CT: Tell us about your go to market strategy and existing channel model?

Tandon: Our GTM is channel heavy at this stage, we have partnered with leading system integrators like TCS, HCL, Wipro, HP to name few. For our latest product WAF, we have decided to partner with major infrastructure partners like Amazon Web Services, NxtGen and Few other Infrastructure vendors that we are pursuing. As we expand our coverage to other countries we are intent on pursing similar strategy to provide best possible localized services to our customers in conjunction with our partner on ground.

CT: How closely are you working with storage and cloud providers for your solutions?

Tandon: Cloud infrastructure providers like NxtGen and AWS are our partners, we are in active discussions with few other infrastructure providers in North America, India and Australia. Our existing partner AWS is a global player with millions of active customers. Each of the infrastructure player also have extensive storage and database offerings. NxtGen’s cloud infrastructure secure its customers from cyber threats and DDoS attacks through IndusGuard WAF. All NxtGen customers are expected to benefit from this partnership, enabling them to get instant Return on Investments by accurate virtual patching of existing vulnerabilities on day one, backed by Indusface’ s Zero WAF false positive guarantee.

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