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3 Ways to Prevent Zero-Day Attacks

Posted DateJuly 20, 2017
Posted Time 2   min Read

Zero-Day attacks exploit undisclosed vulnerabilities that are unknown to application vendor or developer. Since the vulnerability is unknown relatively new, detection and patching can take weeks; leaving the application open for exploits. In fact, according to a Ponemon Study, companies acknowledged that zero-day vulnerabilities caused more attacks on their applications.

Zero Day Attacks

Zero-Day Vulnerability Breakdown

Let’s break down the zero-day vulnerability and see how it leads to an attack.

– Your developers create an application, but they do not know that the code contains a vulnerability

– An attacker comes to know about the vulnerability before developers could find it or get time to patch it

– This attacker writes malicious code and executes attack while the vulnerability is still open

– After exploit, either customers recognize data leak/ identity theft or the developer traces down exploitation

Life of Zero Day Vulnerability

Why is it a nightmare?

Zero-Day Attack, by definition, is difficult to detect with traditional cybersecurity practices. Attackers spend years to develop the skill of finding such vulnerabilities; hence you need to be more sophisticated in detecting them even before the attackers. Advanced detection and patching practices become critical for zero-day vulnerabilities.

Would you like to learn more about this topic with live examples, the latest trends, and protection guidelines? Indusface is hosting a webinar on the topic and can help you secure critical applications against zero-day attacks.

What will you learn in this webinar?

In this webinar, Scott Wright, Cybersecurity Expert & Founder of Security Perspectives, and Venkatesh Sundar, Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Indusface joins us to discuss everything you need to keep your business safe.

– What application zero-day attacks are

– Why they’re the most dangerous type of cybersecurity attack against your business

– How many application zero-day attacks have happened in the last 6 months

– 3 things you can do to mitigate and defend against zero-day attacks

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