Why Marico Ltd Chose Indusface AppTrana Over F5?

Addressing the DDoS & Bot Challenges of this FMCG Company 

The Business

In the FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) industry, Marico Ltd is one of India’s leading consumer products companies operating in the global beauty and wellness space. Marico is present in over 25 countries across Asia and Africa. During 2018-19, the company recorded a turnover of INR 7734 crores (USD 1.05 billion). 

Before using Indusface AppTrana, Marico was using the services of F5. This case study discusses why they chose us over our competitor F5.

Challenges Before Adopting Indusface AppTrana:

  • Delay in onboarding as F5 was new to SaaS 
  • Application downtime was observed  
  • Sites in block mode resulted in frequent false positive affecting business
  • Delay in load time of the application 
  • Less clarity in issue/risk detection and analysis

Strategy & Recommended Solutions by Indusface:

With the above challenges, Marico was looking for a Managed Cloud WAF (Web Application Firewall) to secure their internet-facing applications from DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks and Bot attacks. 

After understanding the above requirements and challenges, we executed the following activities: 

  • During POC, we secured all their apps from attacks  
  • Demonstrated better virtual patching of vulnerabilities in comparison to the F5 WAF.  
  • Employed CDN Caching to reduce load time. 80% of their application is being cached by us and only 20% of the traffic is being sent to their server. 
  • The entire WAF mechanism was fully managed by us. 

The Reasons Why MARICO Preferred AppTrana 

  • Quick onboarding with no downtime 
  • Activation of WAF (Web Application Firewall) protection from day 0 
  • Comprehensive application audit scan to detect and protect the open vulnerabilities 
  • Bridging the gap between risk detection and risk protection 
  • Fully Managed Service 


Marico’s team found Indusface’s AppTrana to be the best fit for their security requirements with the integration between risk detection and protection.

Till date:  

  • The total number of attacks blocked by our custom rate-limiting policies = 42462   
  • The total number of vulnerabilities found = 905
  • 47 websites have been onboarded seamlessly without any downtime. 


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  • Listen to Mayuresh Purandare, Head of Infrastructure and Cyber Security at Marico

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Solution Deployed
About the Company

Marico Limited is an Indian multinational consumer goods company providing consumer products and services in the segments of health, beauty, and wellness. During 2018-19, Marico recorded a turnover of INR 7734 crores (USD 1.05 billion) through its products sold in India and chosen markets in Asia and Africa.


Mumbai, India


1600+ Employees; Turnover of USD 1.05 Billion (in 2019)





Attacks blocked by our custom rate-limiting policies


Vulnerabilities Found


Websites Protected

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