‘Virtually No Privacy’: VPN Providers Unhappy with New CERT-In Directives, Contemplate Leaving India

Venkatesh Sundar, who is the co-founder and CMO of Indusface, a leading Tata Growth Capital Funded SaaS company, told News 18: “Though the reasons for enforcing this with regard to the VPN service is understandable, I feel the steps are directly conflicting and counterproductive to the very purpose and benefits of VPN for legitimate purposes .”

This step, he said, directly attacks the core benefit the VPN service offers to its users and why users chose to use a VPN service (for their own safety and privacy and not for just illegal stuff). “I can see why this has triggered an immediate extreme reaction from VPN providers to quit the country. I personally feel, there could have been a better middle ground —that is to make the VPN providers abide by the laws of the countries and policies of restricted sites and not allow them to be able to grant access to services that are banned in the country,” Sundar said.

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