Upskilling workforce is crucial to bridge the talent gap

The need for qualified professionals is at an all-time high in the rapidly evolving job market of today. A talent gap has emerged as a result of technological improvements and changing industrial environments, endangering both the employability of people and the competitiveness of enterprises. The workforce has to be upskilled, and doing so is an essential strategy for addressing this problem. As per the World Economic Forum, over half of all global employees will need to upskill or reskill by 2025 to keep up with the evolution of jobs. This is also expected to boost the global GDP by $6.5 trillion by 2030.

The ever-increasing need for specialized talent, which regular educational institutions frequently can’t supply, is what causes the talent gap. The skills needed to succeed are changing more quickly than ever before as automation and artificial intelligence continue to change industries. There is a gap that has to be filled because businesses don’t need the same abilities that workers do.

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