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Solutions for online security breaches discussed at COMEX 2013

Muscat: There are 5000 plus websites in Oman. More and more websites are now evolving and involving sensitive data transactions and highly interactive content reaching out to various target groups, such as the government, oil & gas, enterprises, banking or e-commerce sectors. In Oman, the banking sector and large enterprises are the most prominent to use websites and web applications as an integral part of their business transactions and this trend is growing rapidly in the region across various other sectors as well.

Along with any kind of growth come risks.  Thus, in this drive to generate more content and undertake operations interactively, there is always the risk of security breaches. Businesses are highly focused on providing content and transactions in an easy to use manner to consumers through their website or web applications. However, in the hurry to get these out to the consumer, at times the security testing aspects of these applications are overlooked, thereby paving the way for hackers to exploit any vulnerability in these applications and cause significant damage.

Mr. Venkatesh Sundar, Chief Technology Officer, Indusface, who was one of the speakers for Industry Coffee Mornings at COMEX 2013 lends us some of his insight on the matter. “Take online banking for example. Online banking is growing and services are provided to banking customers to do an online transaction like paying utility bills, transferring funds between two accounts etc. It’s a fantastic service and reduces the cost for the bank and increases the services for the banking consumer, but if there is a security breach or an application problem, a not so good guy can get rich by exploiting those weaknesses. This can erode consumer confidence, which means they will go back to the traditional more costly ways of banking. “

He also added, “The same theory applies to online business activities that enterprises, oil & gas, e-commerce and the government provide to their consumers, partners or business counterparts. So we help solve this problem by removing the technical expertise that is needed to do continuous monitoring of security threats on any online application by providing an in-depth assessment with remediation guidelines. When I say remediation guidelines I mean, here is the problem and here is the way to fix it. That is where our offering, IndusGuard comes in, the target audience is any website or web application which is an integral part of any business and this offering is highly advantageous since this has zero end impact to the user as we provide a comprehensive security audit” says Mr. Venkatesh Sundar

IndusGuard by Indusface helps organisations secure their web and mobile applications with its comprehensive, cloud based, dynamic application security penetration testing solution. Its unique hybrid approach to web and mobile application security gives enterprises vital security intelligence using a powerful combination of on demand automated scanning and manual penetration testing, giving customers the distinctive edge of having total application security.

Simply speaking IndusGuard goes through the security aspects of websites and web applications, in particular those that manage millions of online transactions and sensitive data, across industry sectors, spots the loopholes and provides recommendations for plugging those loopholes.  Muscat International Technologies (MIT Oman) has partnered with Indusface and is representing the organisation here in Oman.  As a special COMEX promotion, customers can get a free single scan for their website by contacting MIT Oman at .

About Indusface

Indusface is a privately-held, award winning, innovative, visionary, fast growing information security company, trusted by fortune 500 organizations across the globe. Indusface helps safeguard web and mobile applications using its flagship product IndusGuard, giving customers the distinctive edge of having total application security.

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MIT is a young and dynamic company founded by IT professionals with a vision to be the most innovative and trusted IT solutions provider in Oman. MIT offers IT consulting, Infrastructure, Information security and telecommunication solutions. MIT stresses on timely delivery and quality. Several years of experience in designing, developing and managing interesting projects in the IT sector and other fields enables MIT to provide clients with exact solutions to match their requirements. MIT is among the few Grade 1 IT companies in Oman.

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