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The AppTrana Difference


How is AppTrana WAF Different?

Executive Dashboard

Save Time and Improve Decision Making - This easy-to-use dashboard provides necessary information (Account Overview, Protection Status, Detection Trends, Attack Trends, License Usage Details, etc) to make fast and accurate decisions.

Behavioural Based DDoS Protection

Get advanced and granular-level protection against DDoS attacks of all types and sizes with our unique DDOS policies.

Designed for Comprehensive Protection

AppTrana is the only application firewall that takes a risk-based approach to identifying and patching vulnerabilities instantly by providing tailored protection to applications.

Security Partner Who Works as Your Extended Team

Secure your applications without worrying about their day-to-day management. AppTrana WAF provides a fully managed security service and works as your extended team to meet your security needs.

Detect Your Risks Continuously

Our Web Application Firewall offers a continuous risk-detection solution that gives you real-time insights into your security posture through automated security scans and manual Pentesting.


How Can AppTrana WAF Help?

AppTrana WAF sits between the web services and the clients. The requests from clients are routed through the application web firewall, where monitors take place for questionable behavior. It checks the header and contents of the requests. By enforcing a set of pre-defined rules, cloud firewall filters what parts of the communication are malicious and what parts are benign.

Managed WAF policies can be customized according to your applications' risk and security needs. Fake traffics are immediately blocked and further tested to prevent harmful bots from proceeding.

AppTrana Key Features

Complete Protection for your web apps and APIs with managed cloud WAF

Instant and Easy Setup

With fast provisioning and ease of deployment, a cloud firewall requires minimum configurations and maintenance support. Our experts handle the rest, saving you time and money.

Active Bot Management

AppTrana stops malicious activities like price stealing, inventory lockups, and scraping with an advanced verification method and identifying threats, including automated clients, headless browsers, and domain-specific traffic anomalies.

Built-in Ruleset

Adopt a multi-layered defense strategy with a cloud-based web application firewall that combines threat intelligence from pre-defined OWASP Top 10 and industry-specific rules.

Customized Ruleset

An easy-to-use rules editor allows you to enforce your own policies and protection behavior, including blacklist and whitelist rules, rate limiting, block and allow IP addresses, and so on.

Comprehensive Threat Coverage

Far Beyond the OWASP Top 10, AppTrana empowers to identify threats, including API Abuse, Account Takeover, Malicious bots, Advanced Rate Limiting, App DDoS, and more.

Virtual Patching

AppTrana WAF quickly shields from newly identified vulnerabilities, which have not yet been patched in application source code.

Fully Managed SaaS Based Web Application Security Solution