CISO Guide for DDoS : Prevention, Protection, and Mitigation



DDoS attacks of any type and magnitude could cause serious damage for businesses, and mitigation and recovery could make a major impact on the balance sheets, brand reputation, business growth, and innovation.

This guide is intended for CISOs and IT decision-makers who want to know all about DDoS attacks and strengthen the security posture of their business.

Download this guide to understand:
  • The Cat and Mouse Game
  • Introduction: Denial of Service Attacks
  • DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) Attack
  • OSI Model & DDoS Attacks
  • The Latest DDoS Statistics & Trends
  • Job Responsibilities & Objectives of a CISO w.r.t DDoS Prevention, Protection, and Mitigation
  • Biggest Day-to-Day Challenges
  • How to Communicate the DDoS Threats to Your Board
  • Introducing Behavioral DDoS Solutions
  • Managed DDoS Protection at No Additional Cost
  • Industry’s Only Comprehensive Unmetered Managed DDoS Protection for Your Applications