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Calender IconMay 2, 2023
Clock Icon 7 min Read
API3:2019 Excessive Data Exposure: Understanding the Risks, Impacts, and How to Prevent It

Excessive data exposure occurs when APIs reveal more fields, data, and information than the client requires through the API response.

Calender IconApril 25, 2023
Clock Icon 11 min Read
Top 15 DDoS Protection Best Practices

Irrespective of the business size or location, DDoS protection programs are mandatory today. Here are 15 best practices that will help you.

Calender IconApril 19, 2023
Clock Icon 6 min Read
The Ultimate API Penetration Testing Checklist [ Free Excel File]

Check out the API Penetration Testing checklist, which outlines how to conduct an effective API security assessment for your organization.

Calender IconApril 18, 2023
Clock Icon 6 min Read
Six Key Considerations When Deploying a Web Application Firewall 

Looking for a web application firewall? Consider these six key consideration to make an informed choice for your web security needs.

Calender IconApril 13, 2023
Clock Icon 6 min Read
What is Reverse Proxy, How Does It Work, and What are Its Benefits?

A reverse proxy is an essential component of web application infrastructure, providing a layer of abstraction between clients and origin servers.

Calender IconApril 7, 2023
Clock Icon 6 min Read
15 Key Point Vulnerability Assessment Checklist [ Free Excel File]

Follow this Vulnerability assessment checklist to stop attacks and kickstart your vulnerability assessment process today!

Calender IconApril 6, 2023
Clock Icon 7 min Read
Cloud WAF Pricing: All You Need to Know

Explore Cloud WAF pricing and different options and factors to find the perfect fit for your web application security requirements.

Calender IconApril 3, 2023
Clock Icon 5 min Read
App Development Companies are Emphasizing Security in Their AMC Contracts | Puneet Miglani (Founder, Candor)

In this session, Puneet Miglani (Founder – Candor Technology) discusses with Venky how app development companies are emphasizing security in their AMC contracts.

Calender IconMarch 30, 2023
Clock Icon 3 min Read
16 Ways Cloud WAFs are Better than On-Premise WAFs

Cloud WAFs outperform On-Premise WAFs in multiple ways – find out how in our breakdown of 16 key advantages.

Calender IconMarch 29, 2023
Clock Icon 8 min Read
What is WAAP? – A Quick Walk Through

Protecting APIs against modern cyber threats requires more than just the traditional solutions. Learn how WAAP comes to the rescue.

Calender IconMarch 28, 2023
Clock Icon 14 min Read
27 Most Notorious Hacks in History that Fall Under OWASP Top 10

What were the most notorious hacks in history? They’re subject to debate, but we bring you 27 of them, which would be strong candidates for the title.

Calender IconMarch 27, 2023
Clock Icon 15 min Read
A Sub-Domain Takeover Story, Two Questions for Every WAF Provider | Sunil Agrawal (CISO, Glean)

Sunil Agrawal (CISO, Glean) shared his experience on the sub-domain takeover and how it led him to build foundationally secured SaaS products.

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