Website Security

Website Security: Is Your Website Safe from Hackers?

Is your website safe from cyberattacks and data breaches?’ is a question you must ask as a website owner if you haven’t...

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Application Security

DevSecOps : How WAF and Application Security Scan fits in

Automated tests are essential in the Agile, CI/CD world where deployment cadence and confidence in the deployment depends a lot on...

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Web Vulnerability Scanners

How Automated Website Vulnerability Scanners Can Reduce Risks?

A key part of such a comprehensive security solution is a website vulnerability scanner. As the name suggests, this tool scans the...

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Reasons Why Every Business Need DDoS Protection

Reasons Why Every Business Need DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks corrupt a network by attacking nodes present in the network thus blocking incoming traffic to websites and risking...

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Why Managed WAF is Must for Business

Why Managed WAF Is A Must For Businesses?

While selecting a WAF there are many functionalities to be considered including automatic attack detection, Device ID and...

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Common Layer 7 DDoS Attacks

Application Layer 7 DDoS Attacks

The most common application-layer DDoS attack is the HTTP Flooding. There are 4 different categories in HTTP flooding.

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How to Choose SaaS Security Provider

Things to Consider When Choosing a SaaS Security Provider

These are considerations for you to make when choosing any SaaS service provider be it – web development, CRM, file sharing,...

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DDoS Mitigation Service

The Features Required for an Efficient DDoS Mitigation Service

In general, a DDoS attack happens with an automated set of requests doing targeted and repeated set of requests to the destination...

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Why Is Tuning a WAF Challenging

Why is Tuning a Web Application Firewall (WAF) Challenging?

Tuning a web application firewall can also be challenging due to a lack of visibility, real-time insights and security analytics...

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What Type of Vulnerabilities Does A Penetration Test Look For?

Pen testing enables organizations to understand their security health and the performance of their web applications and the...

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Why Subscriber Should Care About Security of SaaS Website

How to Ensure That the SaaS Solution you Choose will Protect your Data?

By onboarding with SaaS websites, it is important that every subscriber/ organizations ask the following questions to determine...

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What is SSO

What is Single Sign-on?

Single sign-on (SSO) is a user authentication process that permits a user to enter one name and password in order to access...

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