AppSec Playbook for 2023: Top Trends in DDoS, Bot, and Application Layer Attacks


In this webinar, experts will present:

829 million attacks were blocked on the AppTrana WAF in Q4 2022.

This was just on a sample size of 1400+ web, mobile, and API applications.

The research on these findings included data on top vulnerability exploits, no. of days these vulnerabilities have been open, DDoS and Bot attacks.

The findings also include tactics that security teams are employing to thwart these attacks.

Our expert shares these findings in this webinar to help develop your application security playbook in 2023.

  • Vulnerability Exploits : Top 10 vulnerability categories found, aging trends of these vulnerabilities, and no. of attacks blocked
  • DDoS trends : A case study of a 2TB attack and mitigation tactics to thwart these attacks
  • Bot attack trends : Origin of attacks, top vulnerability categories, and industries exploited by bot attacks
  • Core Rules Vs Custom Rules : Findings on how companies are leveraging custom rules to protect against application-specific and zero-day vulnerabilities