API Security Fundamentals: How to Discover, Scan and Protect APIs


API attacks have risen 400% in the last six months, as per Security Boulevard.

This has caused 59% of organizations to delay the release of new applications due to concerns about API security.

As industries look to integrate with third-party software more often to improve their business operations, the security of OpenAPIs has become critical.

In this webinar, Vivekanand Gopalan (VP of Product Management) discusses the fundamentals of API security and the best practices for discovering, scanning, and protecting APIs

Key takeaways:

  • API discovery & documentation : Find shadow, rogue, and zombie APIs and automatically create Swagger (OpenAPI 3.0) documents for all APIs 
  • API Vulnerability Scanning : Identify OWASP API Top 10 vulnerabilities 
  • Positive Security Models : How to automate the creation of positive security models for APIs
  • Protection from API Attacks : Utilize WAAP to protect APIs from vulnerability, DDoS, account takeover, credential stuffing, and other bot attacks