The State of Application Security Q2 2023


Overview :

 Cyber threats are rising, and attackers are increasingly targeting businesses with sophisticated application attacks. 

 Keeping your business prepared for such sophisticated attacks is crucial. We’ve conducted an in-depth analysis that enables you to raise the bar of your security programs and stay on top of the latest security threats. 

 This report – “The State of Application Security Q2 2023,” is based on a sample size of 1400+ applications. 

Key findings from the study:

  • 1.15 Billion – No. of attacks blocked  
  • 1400 – No. of sites attacked  
  • 872 Million – No. of DDoS attacks blocked
  • 88 Million - No. of bot attacks blocked
  • 33K – No. of open vulnerabilities detected
  • 59% – Attacks blocked due to custom rules
  • Most of the attacks originated from India