The State of Application Security Q1 2023



With a significant rise in cyber threats, attackers increasingly target business applications with sophisticated attacks.

Defending your applications against these attacks is crucial for your business. To explore the state of application security, we conducted an in-depth analysis that enables you to benchmark your security programs & stay on top of emerging threats.

The report – “The State of Application Security Q1 2023” is based on a sample size of 1400+ applications.

Key Findings from the Study:
  • Over 1 billion attacks were blocked
  • 24K open vulnerabilities in the applications, and yet these attacks were blocked
  • 31% of vulnerabilities have been open for more than 180 days
  • 32% of attacks were blocked using custom rules
  • 56 million DDoS attacks are blocked on 446 applications
  • 54 million Bot attacks are blocked on 1226 applications
  • Most of the attacks originated from India