Safest Countries for Remote Work in 2023


Overview :

Recent research has shown that 68% of high-revenue growth companies have embraced a hybrid model worldwide. With businesses enjoying remote or hybrid working, benefits including reduced maintenance costs, improved flexibility, and an extended talent pool, cyber security awareness has become more critical than ever.  

Indusface ranks the most secure countries for remote work, assessing them through an index score incorporating cybersecurity data such as DDoS attacks, phishing sites, malware hosting, and compromised computers. 

Key findings from the study:

  • Honduras: Ranked as the most cyber secure country for remote work (index score: 89.55/100)  
  • South Korea and Japan: Ranked 2nd and 3rd globally (index score: 88.88/100 and 87.49/100)  
  • India: Ranked 12th in Asia and 45th globally for cyber security (index score: 70.09)
  • Cyprus: Identified as the least cyber-secure country (index score: 43.19/100)
  • Additionally, Venky Sundar, Founder of Indusface, shares six top tips for remote cybersecurity