App Development Companies are Emphasizing Security in Their AMC Contracts | Puneet Miglani (Founder, Candor)


In this session, Puneet Miglani (Founder – Candor Technology) discusses with Venky how app development companies are emphasizing security in their AMC contracts.

He shares that security is a moving goalpost and a must-have for their customers. Having a security partner helps them provide better services and boost their revenue streams.

He even shares the factors one must consider when choosing a security partner to build a long-term sustainable business.

Key highlights from the discussion :
  • Candor's journey- digital marketing to IT solutions
  • Focusing on security as a separate project & software development as a separate one
  • Today's market understanding of application security
  • Is open-source safe?
  • Risk mitigation and building resiliency
  • Security is like oxygen & not a multi-vitamin!
  • The need for a security partner to provide focus on service offerings
  • Things to consider while choosing a security partner