API Security for AI Driven SaaS Companies & Security Daily Gym | Kashi (Co-Founder & CTO Fitbots OKRs)


In this podcast, Kashi (Co-founder & CTO, Fitbots OKRs) discusses with Venky how AI-based SaaS organizations can secure their APIs with the help of dynamic endpoints.

He even shares about his life as a CTO, where he spends a short time on security but still maintains the highest security standards with the help of a Daily Security Gym!

With 15+ years of corporate experience, he has followed some consistent security practices over the years and discusses them in detail.

Key highlights from the discussion :
  • Introduction to Kashi and Fitbots
  • About OKRs and its alignment with the organization
  • OKR technology landscape for Fitbots
  • API evolution and App to App communication
  • API security with dynamic endpoints
  • Social engineering attacks and cybersquatting
  • Security demands as per customer segments
  • Security Daily Gym!
  • Pitfalls to avoid by a CTO of a new SaaS firm
  • Indusface for API security and with 100% customer recommendation