Large Online Travel Retailer

Challenge :

  • Website is complex, dynamic, selection driven and huge.
  • Proactive daily security monitoring of website to keep website free from vulnerabilities and malware was necessary.
  • Detect logical weaknesses and rectify them, aiding in protecting online brand image and preventing any possible online frauds.
  • Requirement of a single platform for vulnerability management to manage its website.

Solution :

  • Zero touch – SaaS based web security monitoring solution – IndusGuard
  • Daily malware, application and vulnerability scanning with enterprise feature dashboard and customized incident management
  • The complex nature of the website required a customized solution for:
    1. scanning only ‘priority’ tag pages.
    2. developing customized scripts to scan ‘manual selection’ driven pages.
  • Business logic checks using manual skills and techniques.
  • Daily vulnerability, malware and business logic issue findings provided under a single list of alerts
  • Unlimited proof of vulnerabilities exploitations – support for a year
  • Hybrid model ensuring the best of automated scanning combined with manual testing, covering an internal
    and external assessment of vulnerabilities.

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