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Managed Cloud WAF: A Must-Have to Stop Website Attacks

Posted DateJuly 17, 2020
Posted Time 8   min Read
When businesses tend to grow, its impact also tends to increase the cyber risks. If you are a successful business owner, you would be well aware of both cyberattacks and managed cloud WAF (web application firewall). In fact, last year’s cyber-attack in the City of Baltimore was a much-talked topic. The hackers demanded a stark ransom amount of $76,000.

Where businesses refused to pay the ransomed amount and opted for a cyber insurance policy of $20 million, the loss was still huge – nearly $18 million. If they had opted for managed WAF, the losses would not have been of such a humongous scale. More than the actual quantifiable value of the damage, the intangibles of allows the business to

  • Show that they have taken steps proactively and this is a huge factor for winning customer trust
  • To demonstrate their ability in actions to get to the bottom of the attack and communicate what happened and what steps they are taking to mitigate it. This also builds trust.

To summarize

The best way to build trust among the customers is to show that you take security seriously and take proactive measures in place. This sector can be taken care of with a Managed Cloud Web Application Firewall. The key approach to have word-class security is a managed solution, which allows businesses to partner with security experts to work with them on these aspects both proactively and reactively.

So, today we will help you get a clear idea regarding managed cloud WAF and show how it can help you prevent malicious website attacks. We will also help you deal with incidents in case any mishaps take place despite taking proactive risk mitigation steps being taken. However, before jumping directly to know the reasons, here is a brief idea on the managed web application firewall and the benefits that it offers.

What is Managed Cloud WAF?

A cloud-based managed WAF is software that hosts a web application firewall and is provided as SaaS (software as a service). Web Application Firewall helps recognize the hacker intent and provides assistance to track them so that they never pose a threat to the web application in the future. With managed WAF, you can protect your website(s) from existing vulnerabilities in a highly cost-effective manner.

What is Managed Cloud WAF

As a user, you can access it via a mobile app or a web interface. Where the cloud WAF is less complicated compared to the on-premise data safety software, and its deployment and integration are made easy even with your existing security solutions. Here is a simple explanation of the same.

  • A managed WAF ‘cloud’ removes the trouble of compliance, regulation, or management complications to business owners and offers you a security application that keeps your business running.
  • Most business owners believe and opt for cloud-based managed WAF as their first line of defense against website attacks.
  • Where 65% of firms are doubtful about the workings of traditional WAF, you will find businesses are ready to spend an average of $620K per year on the cloud version.
  • With the use of cloud WAF, you can see a visible enhancement in the overall data security effectiveness and decrease in configuration errors.

Basic Advantages of Managed WAF

When you process and transmit vital information over the internet, you unintentionally open your website application to the attacks of bad bots and DDoS attacks. It is a fact – you are not alone. The malicious cybercriminals are always on their toes to:

  • Hack web servers
  • Find Vulnerabilities and manage targeted exploits
  • Crash sites
  • Target internet-connected endpoints
  • Wreak havoc on your IT infrastructure
  • Steal data

Basic Advantages of Managed Cloud WAF

So, adopting cloud-based WAF can not only resolve the above-mentioned issues but offer these advantages to you as well.

1. Prevention of Malicious Attacks on Data

If any of the cyber-attacks are identified and mitigated before they come near your website’s internal infrastructure, wouldn’t it be a great thing? The same thing is practically true with a cloud-based managed web application firewall.

Being IaaS deployed, cloud-based WAF inspects both HTTPS and HTTP traffic and prevents web application attacks from SQL server injection, brute-force attacks, and cross-site scripting. Managed WAF remains active in the underlying cloud infrastructure and immediately isolates your website’s endpoints from every incoming cyber threat.

Its advanced and sophisticated layer 7 rules ensure that the latest attacks are thwarted completely.

2. Assistance for Effective Business Scaling

When analyzing a web application firewall solution, scalability is a vital factor that you need to consider. The main reason stands to be the entry point. Simply put, a managed web application firewall is configured specifically to act as a reverse proxy. This again acts as the last line of defense or the entry point before your internet-facing application and website are flooded with incoming web traffic.

The scalability and power of massive edge networks are leveraged by cloud-based WAF solutions. Its maximum coverage and minimum latency are ensured by the globally distributed points.

So, when you see your website receive a sudden higher traffic rate, it is all because of the leveraging benefit from the cloud-based WAF. It is most likely that these are good business traffic. You can still exercise the managed aspects of the Managed WAF service to get security experts to analyze the spike before celebrating the growth in your business traffic. The experts take action if it is indeed malicious intent and can make further updates to the trust policies dynamically.

3. Enhances Security Measures

The cloud-based WAF not only supports multi-web application hosting environments like:

  • Multi-cloud
  • Hybrid
  • On-premise

The firewall is efficient in protecting your network edge from various malicious traffic sites. Even if you have numerous infrastructure providers, the security measures remain intact.

When you choose the right cloud-based managed WAF, you avail of an independent secured platform that secures all of your APIs and internet-facing applications.

4. Low Ownership Cost

By choosing a cloud-based web application firewall, you select the best web application security level without investing extra on resources or expenditure related to:

  • Software upgrades
  • Hardware replacement
  • Online monitoring and security staff

With your chosen subscription pricing, you can avail best of security service at an affordable rate.

How can the Best Cloud Based WAF Benefit You?

There are several functionalities that you need to consider before opting for WAF. A few of these abilities include:

a) Performance
b) Availability
c) Reliability
d) Effectiveness of the system
e) Detection methods of cyber attacks
f) Architecture and infrastructure of the network
g) Ease of web application firewall management
h) Fingerprinting Behavioral analysis
i) Device ID
j) Automatic attack detection
k) 24×7 support and management to make updates based on application context and situation

The management and 24×7 support with security experts are key in order for the WAF to be really effective. Even with the best configuration, that is right for protection now, there are chances that it may not be enough with the changing threats and also the nature of your application itself.

To tackle such a scenario, it is best if you go for a managed WAF that works with you throughout the lifecycle of your application with its changes and new application threat landscape unfolding.

Benefits of Managed Cloud WAF

Here are a few benefits that your business can reap from managed WAF.

1. Prioritizing Cybersecurity

When you choose to go with managed WAF, your cloud security service providers take care of your website’s security. This allows you to focus more on your business and be in tune with the current market trends.

Suppose a customer visits your website and faces an issue while paying for the same. In a normal scenario, the next obvious step from the customer’s end will be moving to the next competing website. However, if your WAF is left in the detection mode, your managed WAF would identify the issue or any potential attack and fix it.

This would allow your customer to purchase, make payment smoothly, and leave with a satisfying experience.

2. Offer Peerless Expertise

When you employ managed cloud WAF, you make a smart decision of letting experts handle the security issues related to your web application. When you choose to accurately deploy WAF and not leave your website solely dependent on the detection mode, your service providers maintain that trust by taking regular actions like:

  • Monitoring for incoming attacks
  • Preventing those attacks by strengthening the security application
  • Reading the logs regularly

3. Dedicate Ample Service Hours

The agility of the systems is needed to be up to date with technological advancements. Added to it, client preferences, and the dynamic nature of the digital environment and regular tweaking and tuning of WAF is vital to survive the business’s dynamic and diverse nature.

So, an expert presence is imperative to skillfully manage a web application firewall round the clock for a tighter security measure.

4. Handling Dynamic Application Agility

Most of you will agree that businesses have to undergo complicated change management processes regularly. When your business requirements change, your application security measures also need to be enhanced.

Two important factors that require web applications to be updated and agile in nature are:

  • Changing requirements of clients
  • Advancements in technology

Trusted expert security service providers ensure that the change management of your system is managed efficiently.

5. Streamlined Security

As per the prediction of Juniper Research, by the end of 2020, the monetary value related to data breaches would cross more than $150 million. But with AppTrana’s managed cloud WAF, your website application and business can save itself from DDOS attacks.

Apart from this, the cloud-based managed WAF can easily identify various threats and block them immediately. The firewalls receive frequent updates so that the modification is equipped to fight any form of malicious threats and cybercrimes.

AppTrana – Your Real Friend in Your Need

We know your website application and business can be without proper cybersecurity. Nonetheless, there are many features that make AppTrana the best solution for Managed Cloud (WAF) security.

The security tool is known for features, like:

  • Web Scanning
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Risk Assessment
  • Application Security
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Real-Time Reporting & Dashboards
  • Advanced Firewall
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Vulnerability Protection
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Threat Protection
  • Web Traffic Reporting
  • Real-Time Monitoring

AppTrana assures tried-and-tested protection against web vulnerabilities and DDoS threats as it offers.

  • 360-degree security

AppTrana provides complete and comprehensive security. Plus, the portal also allows 24×7 visibility of business impact and risks.

  • Continuous risk detection

AppTrana takes over the security of your web application at all times. This means, if there are any possible risks, it can detect it immediately. This is made possible with the automated security scans that AppTrana comes with.

  • Reliable

AppTrana is extremely accurate in detecting threats. It can detect vulnerabilities and boasts on absolutely no false positives or alerts.

  • Improve performance

AppTrana also helps to improve the performance of the website. It activates site acceleration instantly with the help of Global Edge Locations.


With so many benefits that you can avail with managed WAF, AppTrana assures you that it would be the best service in the market. With AppTrana you can:

  • Defend your business from emerging cyber threats without investing extra in an in-house security team
  • Deploy the process faster against negligible downtime
  • Avoid creating an online security infrastructure as we take care of your cloud WAF
  • Assure of safety from DDoS and DoS attack, data loss, and reduced downtime

So, what are you waiting for? Give managed WAF a trial and experience what we have to offer you!

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