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How Does Indusface Work With CDN?

Posted DateFebruary 8, 2019
Posted Time 3   min Read

The user interface, the tidiness of its design, the color choices and patterns are not the only parameters for judging web applications and websites. It is the user experience which will decide whether the users bounce or stay and convert, thereby, affecting the profitability and ROI greatly.

Speed, agility, performance, and heightened security in content delivery are the names of the game today. These are the core factors that affect the user experience derived from web applications as these determine the time, hassle, and money cost of using web applications. As they say, even milliseconds make a huge difference.

In other words, if your website is slow and/or insecure or a requested resource (image, video, text file, web page, etc.) takes too long to load, your prospective customer is most likely to bounce and get the requisite content and services from your competitor’s website.

One of the most important requisites of optimized, fast, and secure content delivery across the globe and thereby, a vital part of web applications today is a content delivery network (CDN).

Introduction to CDN

CDN is a group of edge servers that are spread across the globe at strategic locations that responsible for accelerating the website and delivering content/data optimally, quickly, and safely.

Caching involves storing multiple copies of the original content on the different caching servers in each Point of Presence (PoP) and forms the core of CDN services. All forms of content such as JavaScript, HTML pages, videos, text files, downloadable files, Livestreams, etc. can be cached today with the development of technology.

The requests for content are met by the local caching servers in the closest proximity to the user instead of going back to the origin server each time, saving time, money, and efforts for the users and the business.

How Indusface works with CDN?

Indusface has partnered with Tata Communications’ Whole Site Acceleration CDN to enable businesses to deliver their internet content quickly and optimally without comprising security and vice-versa.

Tata CDN is one of the best in the world with over 400 PoPs spread across the globe and placed at strategic locations. The distribution of PoPs and data centers is such that both developed and developing regions are covered. Apart from the global spread and network distribution, Tata CDN also has integrated connectivity, over 1 million sq.ft. of data center space, and scalable carrier-grade infrastructure. Combined with AppTrana’s advanced, managed security solutions, this CDN seamlessly integrates web application and data security with optimized, fast content delivery. It is well-equipped to handle thundering herd surges and sudden traffic spikes and effectively keeping crashes, downtimes, and hardware failures (caused by malware or malicious traffic) at bay.

AppTrana is built on the AWS platform with multi-region support. So, web applications that onboard with AppTrana for security, they are on-boarded on a region closest to the application’s backend server. Upon making DNS changes, all traffic is routed through AppTrana which will block bad requests and malicious traffic, monitor, detect and secure the applications from DDoS and other cyber-attacks, etc.

When an existing AppTrana customer onboard for CDN services or if CDN is enabled through the AppTrana portal for the acceleration of the web application, all traffic will first be routed to the CDN which works at the network periphery. If the content requested is cached, the nearest CDN-PoP services the request then and there. If the request is for un-cached content, it is routed through AppTrana to the origin server of the web application. AppTrana will filter out and block malicious requests and it sends only secure requests to the origin server. The web application will also benefit from the advanced security offerings of AppTrana.

Features of Indusface-CDN integration and services

Specializes in Security: As discussed earlier, businesses can get all the benefits of integrated, managed, advanced web application security if they enable CDN through the AppTrana Portal.

With the expertise of certified security professionals combined with the power of automation, AppTrana delivers custom security measures developed with surgical accuracy. AppTrana’s security solutions include regular scanning, Penetration Testing and security audits to prevent and secure web applications and servers from DDoS, injection, and other malicious attacks, security analytics, etc. All these are ensured without compromising on speed or performance of the website.

Choice: With CDN enabled through AppTrana, you can choose to bundle your content in a manner that ensures minimal to no tradeoff. You can also choose between working with your own CDN or bundled CDN.

Cost: We offer a 14-day free trial for you to experience the CDN service first-hand before onboarding. If you are satisfied, you can onboard at a nominal cost. AppTrana users can onboard the Tata CDN service at zero additional costs on their Premium and Advanced plans.

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