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How Indusface Web Vulnerability Scanner Works?

Posted DateNovember 9, 2021
Posted Time 3   min Read

The average cost of data breaches in 2021 stands at a massive USD 4.24 million! What makes data breaches and cyber-attacks possible is the presence of unpatched/ unprotected vulnerabilities on the website/ web application. Vulnerabilities provide gateways to attackers to do their bidding – from orchestrating attacks to injecting malicious payload to account takeover. With a web vulnerability scanner, you can proactively identify vulnerabilities in your website and the IT infrastructure and remediate them before attackers can find them.

Want to know how the best website vulnerability scanner works? Read on to find out.

Web Vulnerability Scanners: What are They?

Web vulnerability scanners are automated tools that enable you to proactively identify all known vulnerabilities, flaws, security weaknesses, gaps, and misconfigurations present in your website/ web application. The website scanning tool starts with mapping of the application and ends with reporting.

They regularly crawl the website to create an inventory of all assets including third-party services, unused parts, unpatched components, and so on. This way, the web app vulnerability scanner enables you to ensure that every nook and cranny of the website is analyzed and vulnerabilities, if any, are identified.

Choosing the best website vulnerability scanner: The Criteria to Look for  

Given how critical scanners are to overall website security, you need to choose the best tool. Here is the set of criteria to look for while making your choice:

  • Comprehensiveness of coverage
  • Availability of global threat intelligence and real-time insights
  • Use of cutting-edge technology including intelligent automation and analytics
  • Cloud-based deployment
  • Customizability of rules
  • Disruptions caused when scanning happens
  • Quality reporting and metrics
  • False-positive management
  • Zero hidden costs
  • Integration with development and security tools
  • Ease of use

The Web App Vulnerability Scanner from Indusface

Web Application Scanning (WAS) from Indusface is a website vulnerability scanner offered online as an independent SaaS solution. It is an intelligent, cloud-based, zero-touch, non-intrusive scanning tool that runs in the background without disturbing the application.

Indusface WAS offers daily and on-demand scanning, dynamic application security testing (DAST), blacklisting & defacement detection, etc. Being an automated tool, this web vulnerability scanner brings unmatched speed, agility, scalability, accuracy, and cost-savings to scanning, unlike manual scanning which is expensive, error-prone, and time-consuming.

How Does the Indusface Website Vulnerability Scanner Work? 

Being a zero-touch, non-intrusive web app vulnerability scanner, Indusface WAS does not require any changes in the website. There is no need to download any software or update it; it is activated and updated online. The checks and scans run in the background.

This scanner offers real-time alerts to users to quickly remediate issues and secure vulnerabilities. It also offers actionable insights and reports that can be accessed by the user on the simple and cohesive dashboard. Thus, you gain full visibility into the website on an ongoing basis.

Supported by Global Threat Intelligence, Indusface WAS does not let any known vulnerability or malware slip. It offers comprehensive coverage of all known vulnerabilities including OWASP Top 10, WASC vulnerabilities, malware risks, and so on. The malware monitoring and blacklist detection features enable you to keep your website clean of malware while tracking closely to ensure the website is not blacklisted by search engines.

Indusface WAS provides the Indusface Trust Seal to indicate the daily scanning status of the website. This helps improve customer trust and confidence in your website, thereby, increasing visits and business outcomes. How? The website gets a Pass status only if it is free of vulnerabilities, else the Fail status is displayed.

With AI and self-learning capabilities, this website vulnerability scanner intelligently includes new areas to crawl through regular asset discovery and automated reconnaissance processes. Apart from the daily scanning that takes place, you can also request scans after major changes or updates to the application to ensure that there are no new unpatched vulnerabilities.

Indusface WAS assures zero false positives through effective false positive management. The last thing organizations want is to expend time and money on remediating vulnerabilities that do not exist.

Further, through extensive audits and customizable rules, this website vulnerability scanner also helps in the detection of business logic flawsCombined with pen-testing and security audits, Indusface WAS enables businesses to understand their security posture and thereon, take steps to harden it.

The Bottomline

Since regular scanning is mandated by compliance frameworks, industry standards, and government regulations, web vulnerability scanners have become indispensable to all organizations.

But looking beyond compliance, website vulnerability scanners have a solid business case. They help you stay protected from data breaches and attacks by giving you a first-mover advantage in fixing vulnerabilities or at least, virtually patching them, before attackers can detect and exploit them. So, it is the first step to prevent the huge costs of data breaches.

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