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Amazon Web Services Launches AWS Test Drives For Indian AWS Partners

Amazon Web Services (AWS) today announced the launch of AWS Test Drive in India to enable businesses to evaluate and experience local AWS Partner Network (APN) software solutions on the AWS Cloud.

INDIA, 05 August 2014:

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AWS Test Drives are preconfigured, ready-to-use, private IT sandbox environments that are provided to customers free of charge to help them learn about, experience, and evaluate software solutions on the AWS Cloud prior to making a purchase decision. Developed by APN consulting and technology partners, each AWS Test Drive includes a guided tour video, step-by-step manual, and enough free AWS server time to instantly launch and explore a live enterprise solution stack on the AWS platform. AWS Test Drives accelerate the sales cycles for APN partners by allowing customers to quickly assess solution value. For more information and the full list of AWS Test Drives developed by Indian AWS partners, please go to:

“Since launching AWS Test Drive program in November 2013, more than 150 Test Drives have been developed by our global partner ecosystem and are being used extensively by their customers,” said Shane Owenby, Managing Director of Amazon Web Services, Asia Pacific. “We are pleased to bring the AWS Test Drive program to India to provide local customers a no-cost way to thoroughly evaluate powerful software offerings on AWS prior to purchase. The program further benefits channel partners in India by enabling them to lower business development costs and accelerate customer engagement.”

The AWS Test Drive program has already been adopted by many global APN partners such as SAP, Oracle, Red Hat, Microsoft, Trend Micro, and Esri. More than 20 Indian APN partners have built their AWS Test Drives at launch, including BlazeClan Technologies, Indusface, Cloud Kinetics, IntelliGrape Software, and Sanovi Technologies.

BlazeClan Technologies, an APN Advanced Consulting Partner in India, provides consulting, implementation and application development services. BlazeClan has created a range of solutions specific for the media industry, including a transcoding and publishing workflow solution using AWS that has helped media companies to speed release of syndicated content on partner platforms so that they can grow revenue. “The media industry is changing with more companies relying on social and multi-media channels to create additional revenue streams for their content and keep their audiences engaged.,” said Varoon Rajani, CEO of BlazeClan Technologies. “We are excited about the AWS Test Drive Program as it gives our customers a chance to quickly evaluate our solution and help them understand how they can monetize content faster and meet their SLAs. This program takes customer engagement to the next level and we look forward to working with the AWS team to roll out additional AWS Test Drives for the benefit of our customers.”

The AWS Test Drive program has already been adopted by many global APN partners such as SAP, Oracle, Red Hat, Microsoft, Trend Micro, and Esri. More than 20 Indian APN partners have built their AWS Test Drives at launch, including BlazeClan Technologies, Indusface, Cloud Kinetics, IntelliGrape Software, and Sanovi Technologies.

“Indusface, an APN Technology Partner in India, provides application security solutions that detect, defend and protect companies of all sizes. Indusface developed Indusface WAF on the AWS platform to provide cost effective application security along with continuous monitoring and expert tuning of applications. “With the AWS Test Drive program, our customers can easily evaluate IndusGuard WAF as a service to experience how the solution protects critical assets using simulated attacks on the demo website, evaluate the application security posture after each simulated attack, and perform forensics via our sleek central WAF dashboard,” said “, said Mehul Shah, Chief Strategy Officer, Indusface Private Limited.

Cloud Kinetics, an APN Consulting partner in India, provides several implementation services on the AWS cloud platform including complete datacentre deployment, SAP deployment, and analytics platform management using Amazon Redshift. Cloud Kinetics has developed a service called “Arcus – Cloud Management platform” on AWS to help businesses to effectively govern, manage, and optimize cloud assets. “With the Arcus – Cloud Management Platform available through the AWS Test Drive program, users can experience first-hand the powerful features it provides for the provisioning, tracking, and monitoring of their cloud assets on AWS. This will help us accelerate customer adoption of our solution running on AWS,” said Vidyashankar J., CEO of Cloud Kinetics.

IntelliGrape Software, an APN Advanced Consulting Partner in India, is a leading provider of cloud consulting and implementation services worldwide. “We are very pleased to be part of the AWS Test Drive program to offer ‘Cassandra Test Drive’ for our customers to quickly evaluate the power and ease of running enterprise grade solutions on the AWS Cloud”, said Deepak Mittal, Chief Executive Officer, IntelliGrape Software. “We are committed to promoting cloud computing as an important way for customers to build highly scalable and available applications to help them grow their businesses.. We also look forward to adding more applications to the AWS Test Drive program.”

Sanovi Technologies is a software company that provides IT recovery and business continuity solutions which are policy-based, infrastructure independent and self-service oriented. Through its unique ‘Application Defined Continuity’ (ADC) technology, Sanovi offers an application-centric recovery service and continuity solution on the AWS Cloud across both on-premises and cloud environments. “We are excited to run Sanovi’s Application Defined Continuity solution on AWS for customers to experience seamless application continuity and availability,” said Chandra Pulamarasetti, Founder and CEO of Sanovi Technologies. “With Sanovi’s fully automated single-click software hosted on AWS, service providers and system integrators can easily provide low recovery point and recovery time-based disaster recovery (DR) solutions at a low cost for their enterprise customers.“

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