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What are the Different Types of SSL Certificates Available?

Posted DateMay 11, 2021
Posted Time 4   min Read

While there is no doubt that a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is crucial for your website to safeguard against cyberattacks, it could be challenging to choose the right one. There are different types of SSL certificates that you must know about to make an informed decision. The types of security certificates primarily depend on two criteria – Validation Level and Number of Domains.

Let’s take a look at various types of SSL certificates you can consider:

By Validation Level

Domain Validation SSL Certificate

This is the lowest level of validation. If you run a blog or informational website or are a non-product selling a small business, domain validation can be ideal for you.

All you need to prove is your ownership of the domain to the Certificate Authority (CA). It is a no-fuss, quick, and affordable process. You must respond to an automated phone call or an e-mail from CA and you will get the certificate within a few hours or even less. You will get a browser with a padlock and secured HTTPS connection.

Organizational Validation SSL Certificate

This is a medium level of validation and carries more security assurance than domain validation.

It is recommended to apply for an organizational validation SSL certificate if you run a commercial or public-facing website that represents organizations and companies.

The CA verifies your domain as well as the basic company information such as name and address. After verification, you can expect to get the certificate in a few days. Your company name can be found under Details in the Certificate dialogue box.

Extended Validation SSL Certificate

This is the highest level of validation and most credible security assurance for your customers.

If you own an e-commerce store, or a large enterprise, or run a financial transaction website, such as online banking, then you must get an extended validation certificate.

The CA conducts a complete background check on your company. They check for the authenticity, physical existence, and legal registration of your company. Since the verification takes time, it is also expensive in your pocket. However, it is worth the cost if the nature of your business requires it. This certificate was formerly known as the Green Bar Certificate before 2018. However, EV SSL certificates don’t support green address bars since then. The certificate shows the company’s name. The location details of the company can be found under Details in the Certificate dialogue box.

By Number of Domains

Standard SSL Certificate

The standard SSL certificates are valid for only one domain or hostname. Even the SANs (Subject Alternative Name) are excluded from it. Hence, they are also called single domain certificates.

For example, if you buy a standard SSL certificate for the domain name, it will cover all its pages such as,, etc. But it won’t authenticate SAN such as in the same certificate.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

The wildcard SSL certificate is useful when you want to secure all subdomains under one certificate. There is no limit on the number of subdomains.

For example, if you buy a wildcard certificate for the domain name, it will also cover its subdomains such as,,, etc.
However, when a wildcard certificate is reused across multiple subdomains hosted on multiple servers, there are additional security concerns for the protections offered by SSL/TLS certificates. In the event of a breach of one of the servers, the certificate will be compromised by adversaries.

To understand the safe and best practices to use wildcard certificates contact the Indusface Sales Team.

Multi-Domain SSL Certificate 

A multi-domain SSL certificate can help you secure several different domains under one certificate through SAN Capability. You can even secure domains, subdomains, and public IPS under one certificate. It is also called Unified SSL certificate or SAN (Subject Alternative Name) certificate or Multi-Domain SSL Certificate.

For example, you can use the multi-domain certificate to secure various domain names such as, www. xyz. in,,,,, etc.

Entrust Unified Communication can cover up to 250 SANs under the same certificate. Charges are applicable from the 5th SAN onwards at a nominal rate.

Tips to Select the Right Partner for SSL Certificates

The right SSL certificate provider can help you to choose the best certificate among different types of SSL certificates for your organizationHere are some tips to bear in mind while choosing an SSL certificate partner:

  • Make sure that the SSL certificate partner has at least a valid extended validation SSL certificate for their website.
  • Browse through the SSL certificate partner’s website for company details, products and services offered, and client testimonials.
  • Check for the SSL certificate partner’s authenticity and physical address by visiting the ‘Contact Us’ page and social media handles. They should also have a valid e-mail address and phone number.
  • Find out the types of SSL certificates as well as different plans that the partner can offer to suit your business requirements.
  • Make sure that the SSL certificate partner is available for 24/7 support via email, chat, or phone.

SSL is your key to winning customer trust when they visit your website. Hence, it is advisable to invest a considerable amount of time and effort in choosing the right SSL certificate and a partner.

Indusface is among the top SSL certificate partners and has served more than 2000 global brands for their security needs. With a 95%+ renewal rate, Indusface provides round-the-clock and end-to-end support for strong encryption and browser trust. Get in touch with us today to know more about SSL certificates.

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