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8 Benefits of Outsourcing Security Services to Application Security Companies

Posted DateOctober 30, 2020
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Today, cyber threats have grown in sophistication and broadened the targets, attacking companies of all sizes. About 50% of SMBs have experienced a security attack. It is not too late to begin protecting your sensitive data from hackers.

Protecting the digital assets from applications to files to servers is a complex and multi-layered task. You need constant network monitoring, threat management, and intrusion detection to protect your business. As the companies evaluate the best option for a cybersecurity solution, their attention naturally turns to web application security companies.

Most companies want to focus on their core business activities and outsource other supporting tasks, which fall beyond their expertise.

Benefits of Outsourcing Security Services to Application Security Vendors

1. Cost-effectiveness

Training an effective in-house security team can be expensive and time-consuming. More significantly investing in security software and hardware can lead to plenty of added expenses.

While you may be unable to afford the budget of hiring an in-house advanced security analyst, who might only be required to examine a few incidents per month/week, a security expert from an application security company can pay back the cost of this experience over multiple corporate clients. You can also gain time-shared access to techniques, tools, and knowledge of specialized security professionals.

2. Gain Access to Modern Technologies

When you decided to outsource your security needs to web application security companies, you can get the opportunity of availing the best tools in the security domain without investment in those assets yourself. The agencies are equipped with top-notch tools and systems to ensure excellent guarding service. By combining this advantage and expertise that security service providers bring, you can receive a tremendous upgrade in your business security with minimal investment.

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Further, IT Application security SaaS firms like Indusface can support you with not just an application security product suite, but back it up with managed security services around the product to implement a stable and secure application security program to secure your applications which in this day and age is the heart of any business.

3.  Round the Cloud Monitoring for Your Assets

Hackers don’t restrict their cyber-attacks to business hours. They are taking advantage of weekends and evenings – the times they’re less likely to be exposed and blocked.

If you don’t have security monitoring present at those times, then your valuable assets would be at security risks. Imagine what would happen if a DDoS attack does if it could occur for more than 2 days? Your business available for the next couple of days would be marginal.

When you contract with application security companies, they can provide you 365/24/7 coverage, which will ensure continuous security monitoring and detection to block attacks.

4.  Enhanced Layers of Security

Application security vendors can provide layered protection with continuous vulnerability assessments and extensive security procedures, which are far more vital to defend from the ever-increasing cybersecurity landscape. To protect your data, you need to employ cybersecurity risk management best practices, implement PCI and HIPAA security standards. You also need access to anti-virus, password managers, good web application firewalls, and DNS.

Your application security companies will aid you in fulfilling these solutions. They will also ensure your assets are protected from internal employee mistakes, which can cause massive breaches.

5. Cyber Threat Remediation

To run with the swift pace of web application development, it is common to use automated tools for vulnerability assessment. Unfortunately, the scans also report false alarms along with legitimate vulnerabilities. When you attempt to handle this with your in-house security team, you may be overwhelmed with the number of false alerts.

The security service providers are equipped with intelligent scanners and further, they manually investigate the reported alarms to ensure zero false positives. Their security expert will give you proper cyber threat remediation. As a result, critical security alerts are addressed directly without wasting time on false positives.

6.  Boost Customer Confidence and Win their Trust

Many companies go out of their business after a cyberattack. If you outsource your security services, the vendors likely to offer good quality of work as they want your repeat signup and referrals. They also maintain the security process up to date as well as complies the standard industry regulations.

The web application security company will provide not just security services, but a 3’rd party audit, a key factor to build trust with your customers to show that you care about security and are engaging with special experts to take measures proactively.

7.  Offer Adequate Scalability

On top of the benefits that application security companies offer, scalability remains the major factor that many companies decide to outsource. The security providers offer a solution, which adapts to the changing needs of the businesses. They offer each client with solutions that support not only now, but also when they need to accommodate more users, higher network traffic, more power, and hardware.

With an optimal mix of services, products, and supports, they offer you appropriate solutions that ensure you never have to bother about how the solution will work when your business grows.

8. Reduced Burden of Cybersecurity Configuration

After purchasing a cybersecurity solution, proper configuration is a must to guarantee the effective protection of the system and network against cyber threats. This can be mysterious for many organizations as each security solution has its own interface. Without the proper knowledge to configure the tool, the setup process will be time-consuming.

Outsourcing the security to a third-party application security vendor relieves you from the responsibility of deploying and configuring complex cybersecurity tools like SIEM’s, Firewalls, and IDS/IPS technologies. By configuring and maintaining the security solutions they offer, the security provider decreases the burden of your team.

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Outsourcing IT security to the web application security companies will offer you peace of mind. Their experts will monitor your networks and system and will recommend the necessary technologies and policies. As a result, you can focus on your core business activities and make better products/services for your organization. If you require more details regarding web application security service, then you can contact Indusface.

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