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Availability of BYOL option for TAS in AWS

Posted DateSeptember 20, 2016
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I am writing this to announce a new deployment model for Total Application Security (TAS) in AWS. As you all will know, Indusface announced its marketplace launch on April 20th with an hourly/metered option. Based on the inputs received from the sales team and partners, we are proud to announce the availability of the BYOL option in AWS.

Starting 19th Sept 2016, Indusface TAS AMI is available on Amazon Web Service with Bring Your Own License

According to Ashish Tandon, Indusface CEO “Availability of TAS through BYOL on AWS, shows Indusface commitment to our channel partners & to our core philosophy of providing more flexibility to our customers/partners”

Key Benefits of BYOL:

  • Support for multiple websites which is not currently available in AWS MP. The sales team and Partners can leverage this to register customers with multiple websites
  • Partners can leverage the BYOL deployment to provide free trials to their customers

How to Deploy:

With Bring Your Own License (BYOL) option, you are required to get Total Application Security license token, you can do it as follows-

  • The sales team, will need to get the required trial/subscription license from the finance team by sending the necessary information like #of websites, Peak bandwidth, and license type (Trial or Production)
  • Distributors/VARS can request a Trial/Subscription license from their respective Indusface Partner Manager

Once you have the license token, you can follow the steps provided in the deployment guide found here to deploy the AMI using BYOL in AWS

Pricing Options:

BYOL is available as an annual subscription model and payment needs to be done when a license token is obtained unless approved.

Base packages are of different tiers based on the throughput requirement, with the starting price at INR 3,00,000 for domestic and $4500 for International customers.

Base package includes support for 1 FQDN.  Support for additional FQDN’s can be purchased as add-ons. Flexible upgrade options are also available for customers to upgrade as they start seeing more traffic.

For a detail listing on pricing please reach out to your account/partner managers

Trial License

The free trial license is available for 14 days. This will help partners/sales to easily onboard customers and get them to test TAS. The free trial comes with support for

1 FQDN, On-Demand scans, 2 custom rules & 5POC’s.

After 14 days, customers will need to buy a new license, if they need TAS to continue securing their sites

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