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How is Indusface WAAP Different?

WAAP Key Capabilities Fully Managed Web Application and API Protection

Web Application Firewall

Get a firewall that is completely managed by security experts so that you can concentrate on your business.

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Fully Managed API Security

Explore new business models by tapping into API Economy without worrying about API Security

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Bot Management

Safeguard your websites, applications, and APIs from bad bots without affecting legitimate traffic.

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DDOS Mitigation

Ensure business continuity by effectively mitigating DDOS attacks with the best-in-class behavior-based DDOS mitigation solution.

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WAAP Key Features


Adaptive and Self Tuning

Web Application and API Protection solution comes with unmatched intelligence and built-in rules set but enabling you to customize it as per your application logic.


Actionable Insights

Understand the security posture via the graphic-rich dashboard and prioritize your resources and response.


Simple Deployment and Easy Management

Easily deploy our WAAP and run-in minutes, without any complicated setup procedures. Block attacks and patch vulnerabilities from a centralized portal.


Continuous Monitoring and Zero False Positive

With our 24/7 customer support and extensive knowledge base, you're guaranteed to be 100% protected against all sophisticated attacks with no false-positive alerts.


Behavior-based Analysis

Stay ahead of all types of attacks with the behavioral-based Web Application and API Protection that understands the behavior of any attack and keeps your business running at full capacity.


Ever-Scaling Threat Database

Our team of experts constantly update our WAAP solution to ensure that your business is always protected from the latest threats.

Comprehensive Web App & API Security.

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Fully Managed Web App & API Security.

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Fully Managed Web App & API Security for Enterprises.

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Managed Unlimited Application Security Scanning
Manual Pen-Testing of Applications
Remidiation Guidance to Fix Vulnerabilities
Web Application Firewall
Unmetered DDoS Protection for Layer 3-7
Behaviour Based Layer 7 DDoS Protection
Protection of Origin
Bot Mitigation
Managed CDN
Image Optimization
Expert Written Custom Rules
False Postive Monitoring
Advance Monitoring
Named Account Manager
Quaterly Service Reviews
Zero Downtime Onboarding
Free SSL Certificates
Custom SSL Certificates
Uptime SLA
PCI DSS 3.2.1
24*7 ISO 27001 certified support center providing support through email, chat and phone
Features Advanced Premium Enterprise
Risk Detection
Managed Application Security Scanning On-Demand - Unlimited On-Demand - Unlimited On-Demand - Unlimited
Full Support of HTML5, AJAX and JSON
No. of Pages Scanned 1000 Unlimited Unlimited
No. of Application Credentials NA 2 NA
Coverage for OWASP Top 10
Manual Pen-Testing of Applications 1 Add-On
Manual Verification of Vulnerabilities by Experts 5 Unlimited* Unlimited*
Remidiation Guidance to Fix Vulnerabilities
Vulnerability Revalidation Checks
Risk Protection
Layer 7 Web Application Firewall
Advance Rules
Platform Specific Rules
Zero-Day Vulnerability Protection
Blacklistig IPs & Countries
Ability to Exempt Certain URI & IP Through Whitelisting
Malware File Upload Protection
ISO 27001
PCI DSS 3.2.1
SOC 2 Type II Certified Infrastructure
DDOS Mitigation
Protection of Layer 3, 4 Volumentric Attacks
Behaviour-Based Layer 7 DDoS Protection
IP Reputation
Protection of Orgin IP
Protection Against Hot-Linking
BOT Mitigation
Allow Good bots & Block Bot Pretender
Browser Integrity Check
HTTP Request Validation
Tor IP Based Detection
Validation of Bot Signatures and Blocking Bad Bots
JS Based Challenges
Scanner /Exploitable Tools Checks
Web Parameter Detection
Input Validation Rules
Risk Monitoring
24*7 Management of WAF by Certified Security Experts
24*7 ISO 27001 Certified Support Center Providing Support through Email, Chat, and Phone
Continuous Monitoring and Update for Zero-Day Vulnerabilites
Expert Written Custom Rules 2 Unlimited* Unlimited*
Monitoring of False Positives
Adv DDoS Protection- Session Based Tracking
Adv DDoS Host Based Monitoring
Site Availability Notifications
Protection Status Notifications
License Utilization Notifications
Continuous Hardware and Software Upgrade of the Platform
Latency Monitoring
Quaterly Service Review
Service Management Support - Custom Reports
Named Account Manager
Whole Site Acceleration
Content Optimization
Static Content Caching
Dynamic Content Caching
Manual Cache Purge
Custom Cache Header
Adv Profiling
Image Optimization Add-On Add-On Add-On
Other Features
Analytics Page
Standard Reports
Integration Into 3rd-Party CDN
360* Visibity Into Application Security Posture
Highly Available and Scalable Architectue
Zero Downtime Onboarding
Automated Whitelisting of Legitimate Search Engine & Bots
I am Under DDOS Attack
Free Let's Encrypt DV SSL Certificate
Option to Buy Entrust OV or EV Certificate
Custom SSL Certificate
Pricing Per Month Per Month Per Year
License per FQDN/API Endpoint $99.00 $399.00 Custom
Free GB Included 30 GB 150 GB
Bandwidth per GB $0.36 $0.36


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