SSL Certificates

Powerful digital certificates for secure and confidential communications


Description Standard Advantage UC Multi-Domain EV Multi-Domain Wild Card
Certificate supports both and by default NA
Supports Multiple Wildcard SANS NA NA NA NA
Additional SANS Included NA 1 3 (up to 250 additional SANS) 1 (up to 250 additional SANS) 10 unique SANS for applications, which do not support *. Ext , plus unlimited SANS with *. Ext
Management Console with free re-issues and unlimited server licensing
Browser Display Example
Assurance Level Organization Validated (high) Organization Validated Organization Validated (high) Extended Validated (highest) Organization Validated (high)
Site Seal with Real Time Status Check
2048 bit / 3072 bit / 4096 Bit Key Support
Elliptic Curve Cryptography Support
Desktop and Mobile Device Compatibility 99.9%+ 99.9%+ 99.9%+ 99.9%+ 99.9%+
Free Website Security Package Basic Bundle Basic Bundle Basic Bundle Basic Bundle Basic Bundle
SSL Encryption Strength: 128 bit-256 bits
Automatic Notification
Quick Issuance
Free Installation and Trouble Shooting Support
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