Rolling out the Red Carpet Indusface shortlisted for the 'Economic Times Startup Awards' 2016

Indusface in ET 

Extremely happy to announce that The Economic Times has shortlisted us for their prestigious Startup Awards this year. We’re in the ‘Bootstrap Champ’ category, which is for self-funded startups with potential to grow in large companies :)

Why is it so special? One, it is from the world’s second largest daily publication. Two, the jury. The jury panel includes Nandan Nilekani (Ex-Chairman, UIDAI and Co-Founder, Infosys), Sachin Bansal (Executive Chairman, Flipkart) and Vijay Shekhar Sharma (CEO, Paytm) and several other prominent names. 

The Economic times rolled out these nominations along with pen-pix in yesterday’s edition that you can check out here. Inquirly, Zerodha, InfoSoft Global, and Wingify Software have also been shortlisted for the Bootstrap Champ Category.

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