Application Security

Security Threats

46 Ways to Stop Ecommerce Security Threats

Anyone can get hacked. Lucky the tools are out there. Analyze your most pressing needs, and then get the right security tool to make it disappear.

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Web Application Security Best Practices

6 Web Application Security Best Practices

Our analysts bring you a best practice guide to kick-start your application security this year. It has everything you need to secure customers and business.

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The Best Predictions for Cyber Threats in 2017

Though we’re barely more than a month into 2017, news reports are already flooding in describing cyber security attacks carried out this year.

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Android Security Overview

Statistically Android has around 75-80 percent of the worldwide smartphone market, which leads us to believe that it is the most popular OS used by mobile

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5 Most Shared Application Security Posts in 2016

As more and more companies prepare for cloud and digital domains, there is growing ambiguity on application security. Read about the top appsec threats.

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SQL Injection Vulnerability and the U.S. Election Agency

According to the researchers, hackers were continuously scanning the assets associated with the US presidential elections looking for weakness to exploit.

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Security Lessons Learned in 2016

More than 2.2 billion records were stolen last year in almost 3,000 public data breaches. While the media spotlight was on big brand mishaps like that

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How to Stop Website Hackers

How to Protect Website from Hackers

Wouldn’t it be great if you fix security holes the same day they are found? But, we all know how that plan goes. Loaded task lists, marketing priorities

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How Secure Are Your Apps in Cloud?

Today, cloud is an intrinsic part of business strategies focusing on product availability, maintaining uptime, scaling rapidly, and reducing infrastructure

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How to Protect WordPress Website From Hackers

How to Secure WordPress Website from Hackers

Today, 21 million websites use the top 20 Content Management Systems (CMS) with access to more than 67 thousand free plugins. WordPress is by far

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