Application Security

Why Managed Security Is Better For Business?

With a managed security solution, you can leave the heavy-lifting of cybersecurity to the experts & focus on your core business.

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Step to Secure Zero-day Threats

Steps to Secure Zero-Day Threats

Here are 6 steps to a strong and proactive cybersecurity strategy to keep you ahead of a Zero-Day attack.

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What is CDN

What is a CDN?

CDN or Content Delivery Network is the central component in the delivery of internet content across the geographically dispersed group of servers.

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website security checklist

Website Security Checklist for 2018

Securing your website should be a priority in 2018 with the average cost of a data breach crossing $7 million last year.

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Best Vulnerability Scanner

10 Common Web Application Security Mistakes

From the biggest data breaches and cyber-attacks of the past decade, it is quite clear that marginal and careless mistakes and lapses in website security have turned out to be dangerous. Even big players have faced heavy losses, not just monetarily but in terms of customers, trust, brand image and goodwill as a result of the attacks.

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What is XSS?

Cross-site scripting or XSS is one of the most dangerous and malicious yet most widespread and common attacks that look to gain access to and control of the users’ browser by using vulnerabilities in the application and thereby

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What is Clickjacking

What is Clickjacking?

Here's a guide on the peril's of clickjacking and how to strive towards prevention of such attacks to ensure that you do not lose money, customers and brand value.

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Web Application Security

Web Application Security Guide for Online Businesses

Thanks to the rapid advent of technology and penetration of the internet to even remote places, there has emerged a large crop of businesses of various kinds and sizes that operate and provide services online. With such an online presence, there is a large amount of data generated on websites and apps which include customers’ confidential and sensitive information. And where there is data, there is a high risk of breaches and cyber-attacks since hackers and cyber-criminals are automatically drawn there.

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ARP Poisioning Prevention

How to Prevent ARP Spoofing Attacks?

Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) and its spoofing attacks are nothing new in the world of hacking threats, but history sheds light on why these types of attacks are so common.

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