Application Security

Web Application Security

Web Application Security Guide for Online Businesses

Thanks to the rapid advent of technology and penetration of the internet to even remote places, there has emerged a large crop of businesses of various kinds and sizes that operate and provide services online. With such an online presence, there is a large amount of data generated on websites and apps which include customers’ confidential and sensitive information. And where there is data, there is a high risk of breaches and cyber-attacks since hackers and cyber-criminals are automatically drawn there.

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tools for pen test

8 Best Penetration Testing Tool Tips

What makes a good penetration testing tool? Speed, agility, efficiency or cost benefits? Find out how to optimize it for your business.

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Best Vulnerability Scanner

Best Vulnerability Scanner Online

Security analysts recommend finding vulnerabilities before the hackers and repair issues to avoid exploitations. Here are our guidelines to help you pick the best vulnerability scanner online.

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Part 1: How to Get Started with a Free Forever – Website Security Check (Webinar Series)

According to SC Magazine's report, 86 percent of websites contain at least one 'serious' vulnerability. Surprisingly, it takes a further 146 days on average to fix these vulnerabilities after they are found.

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Application Security Predictions 2018

Cybersecurity Lessons for 2018

Our security analysts have put together the data so the business owners can look at cybersecurity trends and prepare to deal with them in the year ahead.

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website security checklist

Website Security Checklist for 2018

Securing your website should be a priority in 2018 with the average cost of a data breach crossing $7 million last year.

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Indusface @ Annual Information Security Summit [AISS 2017]

Indusface, in its ongoing efforts to raise awareness on the cybersecurity risks, will be attending the Annual Information Security Summit 2017.

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Penetration Testing

What is Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing, also called pen testing, is a process to identify, exploit, and report vulnerabilities in applications, services, or operating systems.

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Everything About Network Vulnerability Assessments

If you’re worried that your company may fall prey to a security breach, you are not alone. Business hacking has become such a pervasive problem that a bill passed in the U.S. Senate to create a resource and guidelines to address the issue.

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8 Botnet Detection and Removal Best Practices

When it comes to online business, botnet detection is critical. Here are some best practices to combat them and stay in control of your devices.

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