Indusface Security Bulletin

Welcome to the Indusface Security Bulletin. The purpose of this bulletin is to update customers on important vulnerabilities that may affect their applications.


Date October 21st, 2019TypeImportantSubjectPHP-FPM Nginx Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
Date 22, 2019TypeImportantSubjectOracle WebLogic Server Deserialization Remote Command Execution Vulnerability
DateAugust 27, 2018TypeImportantSubjectApache Struts Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
DateApril 26, 2018TypeImportantSubjectDrupal Core Multiple Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities
DateJanuary 08, 2018TypeImportantSubjectMeltdown and Spectre
DateSeptember 09, 2017TypeImportantSubjectApache Struts RCE Vulnerability in REST Plugin
DateMarch 14, 2017TypeImportantSubjectApache Strut 2 Vulnerability
DateOctober 25, 2016TypeImportantSubjectSecurity Bulletin on Dyreza and TrickBot Banking Malware
DateJuly 19, 2016TypeImportantSubjectCustomer Advisory on HTTPoxy Vulnerability (CRITICAL)
DateMay 5, 2016TypeImportantSubjectCustomer Advisory on ImageTragick Vulnerability (CRITICAL)
DateMay 4, 2016TypeImportantSubjectCustomer Advisory on Microsoft’s implementation of SAML 2.0 in Office 365

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